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The envelope - quality ensures a long lifespan

Our envelopes have been sought-after for over 2 decades for their outstanding durability and attention to detail. Our fabric is characterized by its long life. safety and low fuel consumption. Not without reason do the most experienced long distance balloonists choose SCHROEDER balloons and achieve excellent results in competitions. The deciding factor is our consistently high quality. The characteristic shape of the SCHROEDER balloon has set new standards in lifespan and  manoeuvrability worldwide even under the most adverse conditions.

Our approved/certified/certificated types start from a volume of 1800 m3 (63 500 cu it) and reach up to the giant size of 8500 m3 (300 000 cu ft). Apart from the pilot, this envelope can take up to 13 passengers onto a joumey. Especially with this workhorse, a minimum fabric load is of utmost importance. Hence/Thus the shape of the balloon envelope has been optimised using up-to-date statics software.

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