Software update

for the Flytec Balloon 6040

We just released a new version of the software for the Flytec Balloon 6040. This version makes sure the dates used for IGC files are correct even after the upcoming GPS date rollover in on April 6, 2019.

Download the new version from the 6040 software page.

Dates & Impressions

SCHROEDER opens doors and is getting more comfortable

 … take the chance for a comfortable boarding of your passengers an taking a seat in sporty Sparco racing equipment.

Doors, removeable partitions and seats are available now, for nearly all SCHROEDER fire balloons baskets.

Of course EASA-certified!

Your SCHROEDER fire balloons team

Balloon Operation

..starting April 8th 2019 the private balloonist can take a deep breath!


Following Article 3(2) of

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2018/395 of 13 March 2018 laying down detailed rules for the operation of balloons pursuant to Regulation

(EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council


..New chances have been established

SCHROEDER fire balloons wish ....

Merry Christmas

Dates & Impressions


what a delightful happening,

the two international SCHROEDER FIRE BALLOONS mascots are fully of joy about their newborn offspring.

Under the best weather conditions, a new kitten was born with capacity of 2200m3, made of ultra light nylon material, the balloon skin, with its low weight is perfecly made for national ans international events and long-haul journeys.

We wish Klaus Weisgerber, as the pilot, all the best, a lot of beautiful trips and journeys and are already looking forward for his reports.


Dates & Impressions

Mistral – Ultra light – Weight 68 kg

As a next step to the perfect competition balloon, Schroeder fire balloons now offers the well-proven and successful Mistral model manufactured with Ultra Nylon fabric from Meyer Mayor Technics. In addition to the new light Nylon fabric there is also lighter flying wires and load tapes introduced in order to cut 30 % of the envelope´s weight leaving a very high level of performance. Combined with one of the new light baskets M/2 or M/3, a balloon pilot achieves the optimum condition for competition or travelling.

Dates & Impressions

The cat goes Thailand!!!

Our SCHROEDER Cat travels to Chiang Mai app. 700 km north of Bangkok (Thailand).

"The stray cats blues team" reports that it is no problem to ride the balloon ... the difficulty is just the landing, because everything is very urban and there is no open area.

Dates & Impressions

New Inspector

Our new inspector Alex Plein - Dipl. industrial enineer (FH).

December 2015 passed Alex the examination for the inspector class 3. In addition to the inspection activities is Alex the contact person for technical questions and problems.

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